Terri Perpich's Art Studio


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Art & Calligraphy Classes

Terri Perpich teaches  children (ages 6 and up), teens and adults in her art studio at 4033 Freeport Road in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania (next to the Walmart).  Classes include: drawing, cartooning, painting, mixed media and calligraphy.   New classes are always forming year round.  

For more information call 724-226-3300 or e-mail Terri at terri@terriperpich.com

~ Some of Terri's current and former students ~

I've been working on my art since I was a kid. when I was five my mom enrolled me in art classes run by my mentor and best friend, Terri Perpich. Terri has been absolutely amazing to me my entire life and is one of the all around greatest people I know. She is a professional artist, (and) introduced me to a ton of different art styles, forms, techniques, etc. and really helped me build up my own art quirks.  Susan R.  from http://bowsprit.deviantart.com/